This was a high stakes product launch demo that was done for the CEO, John Chambers, of Cisco. The product was launched during a keynote at Cisco Live! in 2010.

On display in this demo is a desktop phone which has a removable Android tablet acting as its screen. At the time of this demo, the Cisco Cius was still heavily in development, both on the hardware side and the operating system side. We were furnished with several hand-built units that ran a development operating system based on Linux.

This demo needed to emulate an existing Android user experience, a series of apps that only existed in spec form, and also had a futuristic component. I made several contributions to ideas in the futuristic component, and made sure that the rest of the demo met the client’s needs.

Both videos below represent the entirety of this demo. The only thing my team was not responsible for is the telepresence video session with the Exploration Vessel Nautilus. However, it was our responsibility to bring the resulting feed into the demo devices for the client’s demo team. The first 40 seconds of the first video was a media piece by a separate organization – everything else was developed in-house.

Demo video part 1

Demo video part 2