_____________ Developer
I serve as a switch hitter, providing expertise in iOS, Android, and web development as well as serving in a senior role.

Currently, I develop in Objective-C on a daily basis, but I am fairly adaptable when it comes to languages and technologies. I have a working knowledge of development for iOS, Android, web, and some back-end technologies.

More than any specific technology, I most excel at learning and becoming productive within a production timeline. I have evolved my skillset over the years as needed, and have worn many different hats over my career: webmaster, Flash prototype developer, iOS developer, SDK architect, and Android developer.

My interests currently lie in the consumer technology and connected home areas.

Mobile - I have been working with iOS since version 1.0 in 2008, and have a deep understanding of app development for iOS. My experiences with Android are fairly recent, but I have a good working knowledge of the platform. My most recent successes in the mobile area include Connect SDK (iOS, Android, & JavaScript) and Reach (Android).

Web - Although my career is rooted in web, I haven’t been a web developer by trade since 2007. That hasn’t stopped me from taking on miscellaneous tasks & personal projects in the mean time. I have been productive working in vanilla JavaScript, Angular, Node, webOS & Enyo, and Polymer.

Devops - While I wouldn’t seek out a job in Devops, I am very comfortable navigating server environments. Supporting roles in each of my current & past positions have included some form of server administration (SSH, bash scripting, web hosting, database design & management, continuous integration setup, issue tracking, app deployment, version control, automated backups).