I like to tell people that I have been programming for 15 years. I, being under 30 years of age, can acknowledge that this statement may sound a bit misleading, but it does bear a great bit of truth.

I started teaching myself HTML at age 11 with the help of AOL and its dreaded Personal Publisher. From there I quickly learned most of what HTML had to offer (which, in 1997 was relatively little). It soon became apparent that HTML was to serve as a “gateway language” for me. Fast forward to three years later, and I’m sitting in the front seat of my mom’s SUV on the long road from central California to Montana. I’ve got a cheap, hand-me-down laptop & a few Visual QuickStart Guides, and have rolled my own family website, complete with a custom message board.

My early experiences started out as trying to figure out how the web worked. Those types of experiences continued through my teens and blossomed into a full-time career encompassing the development of websites, web applications, mobile apps, prototypes, and concept demos. My work has benefited many people, from restaurant owners to Fortune 500 C-level executives. The equipment I’ve worked with has ranged from a generic desktop to mobile phone to hand-built prototype.

Over the years I have worked with many different languages and technologies. I am always learning and keeping my ear to the ground on industry news. An ideal position in the workplace will keep me at the bleeding-edge of technology, working on projects that make people’s lives easier.